Appreciating New York by Nikolas Rassoules

Ever since I was a little boy I always thought that New York City was fake. 

I always thought that Manhattan especially was to blame. Though in the coming of age I have realized that I couldn't possibly live anywhere as beautiful, as culturally diverse, and as lively. 

To be able to sum New York in one word it would have to be genuine

New York calls for a competition that no other place in the entire world can nurture. It is the only place in the world where the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor share the same grit. 

I am astonished by the shear amazement that New York has been able to supply me with for 16 full years. I have never once said that I was bored of where I lived and felt like I needed to take my life somewhere else. 

On New Years Day (today) I decided to document these feelings to show people that aren't from New York City what life is like to someone who does reside here. I hope you enjoy my photo story :D.

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